Employability in Armenia
#RepatTips: How To increase Your Employability In Armenia
Lara Tcholakian, PhD, (repat from Canada, 2004), is the HR Department Manager at Viva-MTS. Her #repattips and experience in employment in Armenia will serve you as a guide in your research of Armenia's employment market opportunities and challenges.
0:00 Introduction
1:05 Job Search In Armenia. Where To Start?
2:00 What Soft Skills Are Valued By Armenian Companies
3:03 How To Choose The Right Company For You?
4:00 How To prepare For An Interview Process?
5:19 Salary Expectations
6:01 Language Barriers
6:43 Follow Up & Feedback From The Company
7:23 Securing A Job Before Your Move
8:24 Integration Into A New Environment
10:00 Avoiding Conflicts At the Workplace
11:04 Work-Life Balance In Armenia

''#RepatTips'' video series are showcasing successful repatriates and their experience of integration and engagement in different aspects of life in Armenia. From employment to raising children, engagement opportunities and education, doing business, daily/social life and more, will be covered through these series. Repat Armenia stands by you as you explore the possibilities, weigh the options, and hopefully embark on the journey to come, live, and enjoy an engaging and participatory future in the homeland. Engaging with us is easy! Contact us at [email protected] or reach out via phone +37491464660.

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