Doing Business in Armenia - Guide, which provides a general idea about Armenia, its economic factors and other important areas which will be helpful in implementation of projects in Armenia. Grant Thornton strived to make it as informative as possible and surely we hold ourselves in readiness to provide any further support and guidance to those interested.

National Competitiveness Report - This report provides a broad and deep analytical look at Armenia's competitiveness and uses growth toolsets to uncover the binding constraints on long-term growth. The report is aimed at fostering informed dialogue among key stakeholders in public and private sectors to set an agenda for removing growth constraints, facilitating investments and enhancing competitiveness.

Development Foundation of Armenia - Armenia’s National Authority for Investment, Export and Tourism promotion. The DFA provides in depth services to foreign investors including the provision of requisite information on Armenia’s business climate, investment opportunities and relevant legislation, ground support in organizing site visits for investors, management of post-visit support, assistance with investment project implementation, business introductions, as well as liaison with governmental institutions. The DFA also provides after-care investment services to investors already established in Armenia.

IT Sector in Armenia - Why Armenia? - The Union of Information Technology Enterprises in Armenia was created as a business association of information and communication technologies enterprises (ICT) operating in Armenia. UITE was created by enterprises and companies in the information technologies and information and communication technologies sectors aiming at the protection of economic interests, business promotion and advancement of research in the ICT sector.

Ministry of Economic Development and Investment - The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia is the legal successor of the Economic State Committee of the Republic of Armenia. There are 22 structural and 3 separate departments in the organizational structure of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia. Also, 4 state organizations and companies operate within the Ministry’s system.

Alliance Free Economic Zone - "Sitronics Armenia" CJSC is a part of “RTI-Systems” Holding  (AFK "SISTEM"). “RTI-Systems” is one of world’s largest holdings, member of Defense News Top 100 ranking, active in high-tech industry and infrastructure projects area. It has its own R&D infrastructure and operate unique large scale projects, related to Radio and Space technologies, defense, security and micro electronics. Production portfolio is full of different solutions in the areas of National defense and Security, telecom systems, industrial micro electronics, smart-cards and passport and visa support electronic carriers, as well as state security megaprojects.

Meridian Free Economic Zone
- The philosophy of Free Economic Zone is that of creating a unique platform for jewelry, diamond cutting and watchmaking manufacturing companies with special conditions and infrastructures for the free spirits in the field of business.