Rent in Yerevan: Once you are in the country, and have most probably decided to settle in the capital, you will need to have a place to stay. To search for rental apartments, there are multiple websites available, both international and local. The most commonly used one is, with as a secondary option alongside Depending on the length of your stay, you can search suitable apartments on AirBnB and There are repats who are also in the brokerage world and would be very happy to help you find a place. 

Rental prices differ by region, building type and size. If you are looking for something in a newer building but a little further from the center, $400 to $800 a month is the average range. For older buildings, you can get as low as $200-$400 for something that has all the bare necessities. Overall, the apartments range from $180-$3000/month, depending on what it is exactly you are looking at. Most repats with families opt for something around the $300-$700 range and would be happy to give you advice on how to find the right place for you. 

Rentals outside of Yerevan are harder to find

Public transport/taxis: The micro-buses, buses and metro cost 100 AMD. You can use them to go anywhere in Yerevan. There are many different taxi companies working in and outside of Yerevan. You can order a cab by calling them, using your mobile phone or by flagging one right on the street. Most commonly used taxi companies are GG Taxi and Mobi Taxi as you can order them directly from your phone. When taking a taxi that does not expressly state on the car that 1-4km is 500-600 AMD and 100 AMD/km after that or is not with one of the online ordered services, be aware of how far the place you are going is and make sure to negotiate the price beforehand. It is always a good idea to ask if the taxi drives on the minimum wage before you get in. It might save you the hassle of finding out you were overcharged afterwards. Individual taxis and many that are found hanging around the Republic Square and Cascade have their own fees they operate on. The minimum is either 500 or 600 AMD for the first 4 km, followed by 100 AMD in the city and 150 km outside. 

Utilities: Utilities can be paid at terminals in local stores or supermarkets very easily, alongside the banks, or online using MobiDram or the ArCa site. Water is the cheapest and generally you might be able to get away with paying for it every couple of months if you live in an apartment building. The costs range based on the size of your home, what type of systems you have installed, and how much you use it all, unless you are staying in a new building with central heating and air conditioning. At its lowest, you might be paying around $20-50 USD based on the size of the home and your usage, while the coldest winter months where heating costs are highest, you might be looking at around $150-400 for gas, electricity and water combinations. Cell phones may cost you a maximum of monthly $30, though the average is around $10-15 USD, while a 3-in-1 home phone, internet and cable package can set you back around $20-40 USD. 

Valuable Applications: Used on your phone or tablet, there are a few applications that are almost a necessity when visiting or living in Armenia. Sourced from repats already in the country, these include:

  • Yerevan Public Transport - If you would like to correctly identify the public transportation routes, this is a must-have on your phone
  • RP Violations- Browse through your traffic violations and know what your due is before you get that bill at home 
  • E-Citizen Armenia - the mobile version of that allows all citizens to access news and proclamations from the government, check their status, pay fines, etc. 
  • Nayiri - A digital dictionary that allows you to immediately translate words from English or French to Eastern or Western Armenian, and vice versa
  • Armenian Yellow Pages - Literally known as Spyur in Armenia, you can find any business you want off this app
  • - Available with more features than the website, the app easily allows you to easily compare currency exchange rates between banks
  • Armenian Rates & Converter - Figuring out currency exchange rates has not been easier but the app might lag from time to time
  • ATM Armenia - App that helps you easily locate the closest ATM machines for the banks you personally use
  • Parking Armenia - Red line parking spaces are affordable but not free; this app allows you to pay with a click of a button
  • APPA-Armenia - Update your car insurance over the app
  • Zvartnots - Allows you to monitor flights arriving to or departing from Yerevan
  • ServiceBrok - A single click allows you to call affordable services to your home, from beauty professionals to cleaners, to entertainers for a party
  • Cartly - Easy online grocery shopping that ships right to your door
  • - Online shopping from multiple vendors available in one portal
  • Zangi - The Armenian equivalent of Viber, it would be interesting to use this instead of calling directly from your phone
  • HAYQ - Basic information about Armenia for those who are coming for the first time, including geography, history, religion, music, holidays and more
  • Im Armenia - a basic travel guide made specifically for kidս
  • - Easily order food from any restaurant in/outside Yerevan that cooperates with the company
  • HikeArmenia - Users can easily find new and interesting hiking trails around Armenia, in every province
  • Visit Gyumri - A walking tour app of Gyumri that highlights all the best sites and their historical value, with maps
  • Qardez 3D - Allows you to find different locations in Yerevan in 3D. Not amazing, but could be handy
  • Armenian Jobs - Aggregating app that includes some of the top job search portals in Armenia, though Repat Armenia does not recommend as a search option
  • WiFi Map - An international app that works very well in Armenia, allowing fast access to internet for free
  • Armenian Plate - If you are looking to buy a car, this easy tool allows you to check plate availabilities for special numbers, with their costs
  • Iravunq - Your rights and freedoms can be found here so that you are never caught unaware of the law

    If you have any specific questions regarding living in Armenia, would like to get an advice from someone or just find out where to purchase something, always feel free to ask our repats in our Facebook group