Support our defenders- Repat Armenia, in cooperation with Arar Foundation and Սահման ՀԿ Sahman NGO, and in coordination with the Ministry Of Defence Of The Republic Of Armenia, has initiated a fundraising effort to collect funds that will be used to provide first aid to the soldiers and civilians wounded during the recent military actions, and will in the near future be used to provide financial assistance to the families of Armenian soldiers killed or wounded during the hostilities.

IDeA Foundation Syrian Armenian Initiative- The IDeA Foundation has embarked upon a fundraising campaign to increase momentum for giving aid to Syrian-Armenians impacted by the military conflict in Syria. This includes assistance for families still living in Syria, families who wish to leave Syria for Armenia, as well as those who have already resettled in Armenia. 

OneArmenia- ONEArmenia is a non-profit organization focused on building a sustainable, thriving Armenia.

Sahman NGO - Sahman development projects are for border villages of Tavush province. Currently Sahman operates in Berkaber, Aygedzor, NKAxbyur and Chinary villages.

HDIF-HDIF’s over reaching goal is the initiation, facilitation, and nurturing of sustainable economic development initiatives in Armenia. A tangible benchmark we are striving for is the creation of 1,000 employment opportunities within 5 years. While the creation and sale of traditional handicrafts is our main focus, opportunities in tourism and events such as festivals also provide a rich opportunity for sustainable economic development.